will call of duty 7 be an offline game?


will call of duty 7 be an offline game?

Thu, Nov 11, 2010


i have been playing the call of duty series for a long time and i been wondering will this game be offline


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  1. evilmorter Says:

    The game has confirmed offline campaign and offline multiplayer ( with your friends and bots ), and probably zombies too. It will still include online multiplayer though.

  2. irratebass Says:

    7??? Do you mean Black Ops? If so then yes you can play offline, but it will be very very short and not worh the $60…..unfortunately these games are only made for multiplayer anymore.

  3. David Says:

    I don’t think so. The makers will lose too much money if they do. I’m not sure what number they are on now, for cod Black Ops, but I know for sure that that is online. On youtube there are many online discussions about what different things you can do, such as weapon and character customization.

  4. punk of munk Says:

    It will have both offline (campaign) and online play.

  5. Patty Pumpkin Says:

    Its not call of duty seven, its black ops,

  6. Ryan Says:

    the game will be able to play offline but it will have the option to play with friends so yes there is online play

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