Will Call Of Duty Black Ops have a mature content filter?


Will Call Of Duty Black Ops have a mature content filter?

Thu, Oct 21, 2010


Ok I don’t like all the blood gore and language in Call Of Duty Black Ops so please tell me if there will be a mature content filter in it which stops the blood and gore and language?Make sure it stops all three if not tell me what ones it does stop.Please also tell me youre sources so i can verify.Thanks.

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  1. Shift Says:

    I heard Mario Kart Wii is pretty good.

  2. Duncan M Says:

    i expect so, even if it doesnt, just turn the volume low and look away. lol anyhow, have a look here for some cool black ops info

  3. ZebraRemainz Says:

    WTF it’s a Call of Duty war game of course there’s going to be blood and bad language. If you don’t like it then you are completely playing the wrong game.

  4. wadafruit Says:

    Lawl why do you think the game is rated M? It’s not made for those who can’t endure these events. Not many games have content filters anyhow unless it has to do with single player then I guess it could be implemented.

  5. Ali Says:

    In modern warfare 2 there was a mission witch you could skip it because you must kill many civilians in it.
    but unfortunately in black ops you cant filter the mature content . Because It is war and we must have blood in this game

  6. John Says:

    I don’t think there is any information on a filter for the game yet. But Call of Duty: World at War had a content filter, so this one might too since they are both made by the same company, Treyarch. The filter in World at War filtered all three. I can’t remember how much was filtered but there was minimal blood and maybe mild language. If the same filter is in Black Ops, it would probably put the game at the level of a Teen rated one.

  7. JLM Says:

    To all the idiots that think anyone that is trying to turn off the f bombs need to see a shrink… You are idiots. I can handle the blood and guts and actually like it but I also have a 3 year old in the room next door that might be able to hear it. Obviously it would be better if she couldnt hear the f word. Morons

  8. JS Says:

    Well said JLM,

    Some people’s parents must be so proud… Who doesn’t like a bit of blood and guts, but just because some weren’t raised well enough to not use such language, doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to listen to it while playing a game.

  9. Jeremy R Says:

    I agree totally! I have 3 little boys, aged 5 and below that don’t need to hear all of that. I personally don’t like to hear it myself. If you really want something to be that realistic join the Marines don’t expect a video game to fulfill your need for crudeness. Our society has no morals nor manners anymore.

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