Would this be an awesome level for Call of Duty?


Would this be an awesome level for Call of Duty?

Mon, Apr 25, 2011


Say for Call of Duty 7 they make another WWII game. I’m thinking you fight in Papua New Guniea, because that country was important in fighting the Rising Suns. So I was thinking you have ot go into a large village and recruit officers for the Marines. The Japanease raid the village so you have to escape it, singlehanly. It mainly has to do with stealth and you have to use your knife to get weapons form the Japs. It’s like that flashback episode in Modern Warfare.


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  1. CD Says:

    Sounds Awesome

  2. o_O Says:

    no it wont, it will just be another ww2 game. My idea is MUCH better, call of duty FUTURE warefare, russians vs americans with super duper high tech wepony, set in america. Russians invade and you have to kill every single one! When you do that you kill everybody in russia and i meen EVERYBODY!!!

  3. Satan Jr. Says:

    That sounds really cool, it’ll be cooler if you add a dramatic part like someone gets hurt and you have to go to the middle of the battle field and get him or there’s a bomb or something like that.

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