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Bruno Madrigal X Male Reader

Bruno Madrigal X Male Reader. Doomed (bruno madrigal x reader) by vic. I love cuddles but sometimes i'm too shy to ask for them too.

(bnha/Encanto) Bruno madrigal x male aizawa shota brother reader short from www.youtube.com

Doomed (bruno madrigal x reader) by vic. Blood x gore, mangled bodies, arguing, slapping and more ! He chuckles standing from his chair moving to the door calling out “oh my!

When The Two Reconnect After Years Apart From Each Other, Old Buried Feelings Come Back To Life.

Doomed (bruno madrigal x reader) by vic. He wanted nothing more than to lay in bed with his lover and sleep. I also got carried away oops!

You Didn’t Have To Send It Three Times 🙂 Also I Decided To Do This As A Modern Au!

Going into heat at the wrong time, he bonds with a man half his age and becomes pregnant. Character death, robbery gone wrong, bruno dies! [completed] being the unproven daugther of bruno madrigal was worse that everything could happen.

Bruno Takes Refuge In An Empty Forest At The Edge Of One Of Many Mountains Surrounding Encanto, Trying.

Abuela being mean about bruno. You probably met him before he actually disappear. Bruno madrigal x male reader.

This Is Before Bruno Left.

The history of your meeting is just so funny it made him flustered and you bursting out laughter and him hitting your chest to shush you when you talk about the event again. But it was only the morning, he still had a lot of things he had to do around encanto before he could rest. Please be 18+ to read this!!

And Boy, Did This Man Blush A Lot !

If you arent in the correct headspace do not read!! He only ever comes out at night and you never see him dur. You have been warned !!!

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