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Bucky Barnes X Reader He Insults You

Bucky Barnes X Reader He Insults You. As you guys were packing your things the door opened in came bucky. Your husband of two years, bucky barnes, was standing a few feet away from you in your room, cheeks flushed, fists clenched.

He was fast, strong, had a metal arm — Bucky Barnes Masterlist from mushyjellybeans.tumblr.com

He broke up with you but your feelings never disappeared. Request by the sweetest @lovelyrdjr, best friends to lovers “bucky,” you sing as you enter your best friend’s room. You never had a reason to be.

He Says Your Name Back With A Glance Before Looking Back Down At The Book He’s Reading—One Of The Ones You Recommended—And Drones Distractedly.

Stop hiding (bucky barnes x reader) word count. Two strong, strangely different in texture and temperature, hands. Originally posted by yesjustanotherbloggeruniverse (no gifs are mine).

“What Do You Want Barnes Hear To Break Some More Hearts.” Pietro Threw At Him, Wanda Had Told Him What Had Happened And He Like Everybody Else.

“stark kept us all late because of mission briefing again…. He broke up with you but your feelings never disappeared. Angst, a little fluff, sad and scared bucky :((originally posted by sebastianruinedme.

So Much For Having A Peaceful.

Despite him towering over you, you never felt intimidated, you. Bucky lurched towards me, pointing a hand gun at me. None except mention of blood.

Bucky Barnes X Reader Warnings:

(y/n) sighed and walked up to him, wrapping her arms around him in. Mutual pining, a littleeee angst about: I grunted, tightening my grip around him.

Fighting, Killing, Mention Of The Winter Soldier Book…

I didn’t mean to scare you.”. Dec 08, 2019 · you shot him a cheeky wink as you looked down at the envelope that he had handed you, an exasperated sigh escaping your lip If looks could kill, your date for the evening would’ve been reduced to.

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