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Dark Steve Rogers X Reader

Dark Steve Rogers X Reader. This is my first headcanon and i’m open to constructive criticism and feedback, please enjoy! 1 inch on the map represents 16 miles.

Fandoms & Fanfiction — Steve Rogers x Reader from kellyn1604.tumblr.com

When she leaves him, his dark side comes out. You opened the glass door and entered the room quickly. Read at your own risk, readers responsibility.

The Object Of The Game Is Simple, You Hide And Pray To God They Don’t Find You.

My girlfriend broke up with me to work on herself; Dark steve rogers x reader , future dark bucky barnes x reader. Alpha steve x dark!beta reader , simp!

Alpha Bucky X Dark!Beta Reader.

When she leaves him, his dark side comes out. And also steve’s a serial killer and rapist and bucky’s the same. After a mission hawkeye got badly hurt which led him to needing to go to the hospital.

You Opened The Glass Door And Entered The Room Quickly.

Steve roger's lover by fangirl. After a tiring day at work, you were finally home. Read at your own risk, readers responsibility.

Although The Encounters With Your Family Grew A Bit More Hostile Over The Year, This Family Brunch Was An Utter Nightmare To You:

Your mom decided you didn’t know how worried she were. A sick, worried feeling grew in the pit of your stomach. • he loves to be around you every second he can, and if he can’t he’ll keep an.

You Turned Corner After Corner Until You Finally Came Across The Base’s Computer Room.

You walked towards a computer in the back corner of the room, hoping it would keep you hidden if anyone were to walk by. Steve rogers may not have much to be jealous of, he’s got it all and everyone adores him. Steve rogers is a complete and utter dick, but he loves y/n.

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