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Dream Sans X Reader Lemon

Dream Sans X Reader Lemon. Ink smirked and attacked dream's neck whilst dream's hands rubbed ink's exposed ribs. Anything from fontcest to x reader's you got it.

Au Sans x reader Lemons!! 18+ Shattered Dream Sans x Reader Lemon from www.wattpad.com

Please don't flag or report for any reason, there are clearly warning of smut at the beginning. Reader | anime/manga humor sans papyrus male reader insert asgore toriel alphys undyne reader is not frisk. Ink rubbed his lower half onto dream's and grunted every time dream's hand went over a sensitive spot.

I Do Not Take Credit For The Comic.

Y/n and her mom, carmen, fell into the underground years before frisk. I'm gonna post at random times lol Lust sans x reader sans aus x reader lemons.

Please Check Out The Picture's Link In The Sto.

Undertale | reader alphys undyne mettaton sans flowey chara frisk | fanfiction videogames xreader papyrus no lemons sans x reader. A monster starts to visit the cafe daily, which draws your attention. Stand by for more x reader lemons.

Ink Smirked And Attacked Dream's Neck Whilst Dream's Hands Rubbed Ink's Exposed Ribs.

A lemons and oneshots book where you may request all kind stuff of sans in all kinds of situations. Is what he would wish he could say. Please don't flag or report for any reason, there are clearly warning of smut at the beginning.

Ink X Reader Lemon Dream X Depressedreader.

You graduated from school and you start to work at your mother's cafe, she passed away when you were in high school so your big brother start to take care of the cafe. Midnight dream ( dream sans x reader) (rewritten) (discontiued) (y/n) is one of nightmare's best and most trusted friend. As ink made a portal behind dream, he pushed dream onto.

Im Not Judging The Grammatic.

Underlust x reader finellemon in this one. This might be cringe so yeah :'d it might start off slow idk. Ink sans x disowned reader a little color never hurt anybody part 1.

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