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I Slept With My Best Friend's Girlfriend

I Slept With My Best Friend's Girlfriend. (they didn’t work out, because, well, usually those things don’t.) both have apologized, and i’m cool with both of them now. This is what i learned step 1:


I feel like losing the friendship is a risk you might have. I was escorted out and walked my way back to the car. That doesn't mean i necessarily think that sleeping with their ex is a great idea or something i would not encourage it.

That Doesn't Mean I Necessarily Think That Sleeping With Their Ex Is A Great Idea Or Something I Would Not Encourage It.

So, i slept on the couch, she slept in my bed. You photoshopped yourself to look like the ghostly. I haven't told him, but im sure he knows it, because he is smart like that

I've Just Slept With My Friends Girlfriend.

I got a load of red wine and cooked a nice meal. Sophie and harry came to stay at mine after we got back from the pub. Then she and i got drunk and had sex.

Because I Highly Doubt She Stopped With Just You.

I was overall annoyed by the shit quality of the club. Well tonight we all planned a night in my house. I slept with my friend's girlfriend.

Then One Day The Engagement Ended, He Kicked Her Out, She Needed A Place To Stay.

Sounds like you have a bit of growing up to do. I eventually bought my own place. We clicked so perfectly even.

It 'S Your Responsibility As A Best Friend To Confess To Him And To Repair Tour Friendship.

Beth left early because she had a work thing and i ended up taking her boyfriend home. I would be so uncomfortable knowing my boyfriend slept with my best friend. I think if you were in your friends situation, you'd want to know that your girlfriend was sleeping around.

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