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Is Saying You're Mine Possessive

Is Saying You're Mine Possessive. Your situation is the same as mine. Possessive pronouns are used in english to avoid repeating information that is already clear.

You're not the only one who can get possessive. I'm very… Picture from www.picturequotes.com

You're in the same situation as me. Sometimes, you can use the structure 'of + mine. Depends on the context of the situation.

The Two Proper Ways To Show Possession Are My Object Or Object Of Mine — The Use Of The Latter Is Often Used To Describe Friends, But It Is Not Limited To Such Uses:

(mine and yours are possessive pronouns) The word “mine” implies that the other person claims you as their own. I don’t know why but it rubs me the wrong way.

Anyway, He Says “You’re Mine” Sometimes And It Just Kind Of Throws Me Off?

Saying you're mine is possessive and comes off as a demand, whereas i'm yours is a way of giving yourself to that person. This book is my book, not your book. They no longer are separate, but they “belong to” each other.

The Assistant Takes A Doll And Says, “This Doll Is Mine.” You Take A Car And Say, “This Car Is Mine.” Now Have A Mock Argument, With The Assistant Trying To Take Your Car, Saying It’s Hers, But You Say, “No, It’s Mine.” Keep Passing The Doll And The Car About, Arguing And Repeating, “This Doll Is Yours.

Because we're trying to keep it simple, we'll ignore that this part of speech is really the genitive case, indicating more than just possession, but we'll stick with the basics,. He’s not possessive or jealous (outwardly anyway) so it’s just confusing to me. Synonym for you're mine @naza16 you’re mine is said a lot when somebody is letting somebody know that they are really mad at them and will be doing something to get them back or get even.

There Is A Sense Of “Ownership” Among The Two Individuals.

'mine' is a possessive pronoun of 'i'. Is saying you're mine possessive. It’s important to recognize the signs of possessiveness in a relationship and know when it’s taking a bad turn.

You Are Mine Could Be Said In A Romantic Way Meaning That.

Mine!” emphasizing that they are in really big trouble. Saying “you’re mine” does indicate a sense of possession. Here *he* will probably mean your boyfriend or lover i guess.

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