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Loki X Reader Secret Relationship

Loki X Reader Secret Relationship. My prince (thor x reader x loki) (on hold) october 8, 2016 mizzkitty. But what happens when word finally gets out?

Imagines For The Soul — Little Secret (Loki x Reader) from imaginexsa.tumblr.com

Because this is what happened. Loki and lady loki/ sylvie meeting at the end of the second episode. You had your music playing at.

You Had Your Music Playing At.

I don’t exaggerate when i tell you that he spent the next fifteen minutes looking for it.” loki grinned as a burst of laughter filled the air. But what happens when word finally gets out? Reader | fanfiction prince thor.

I Hope This Don’t Suck “Loki’s Being Weird.” “He’s Always Being Weird, Natasha.” Steve Replied, Not Looking Up From The Newspaper.

It was a sunny day and lucky little loki was out on a daytrip to the city. You and loki had been doing a fairly decent job at keeping your relationship a secret from the other members of the team, specifically your father. Stark on the other hand had a sour face.

The Princess Of A Realm Is Suddenly Scheduled To Be Married To The Crown Prince Of Asgard In Hopes Of Uniting Their Realms As One.

In fact, she's not even a cat. 2.1k | 3k | 2.8k | 4.2k | 4.1k | 1.6k). (loki x reader) secret (almost) lovers lve32.

In Secret, Because They're Worried They'll Be Separated If Anyone Finds Out.

When thor is called to midgard to help the avengers, he must leave his new wife alone. Pregnant reader/pregnancy tw, a bit of spice but all sfw. “yeah, don’t sound so shocked,” nat replied, “make sure you get your phone back,” loki said glumly from his position on the floor, “no need to sound so sad,” nat sighed, kneeling down in front of loki, “it’s not like i.

But After An Entire Life Of Not Being Able To Trust A 'Pure' Human Being, How Could She Ever Show Her True.

A symbol, a message to her that whatever should happen next, she wouldn't have to go through it alone. Or his way of saying goodbye, before they're separated for ever. Tom hiddleston x reader, loki x reader.

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