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Lyrics To Written In The Stars

Lyrics To Written In The Stars. Written in our stars lyrics. 'cause when i look at my life how the pieces fall into place it just wouldn't rhyme without you when i see how my path seem to end up before your face the state of my heart the place where we are was written in the stars don't be afraid i'll be right by your side through the laughter and pain together we're bound to fly

Tinie Tempah Written In The Stars (feat. Eric Turner) (ON SCREEN from www.youtube.com

Ayo we come from that dirt, that fucking concrete, you know what i’m saying. A word or two, and then a lifetime of not knowing where or how or why or when you think of me or speak. No escape, no change of heart, no anyplace to hide.

Are We Paying For Some Crime.

I'm still holding (on), holding (on), holding on. Don't question my name to what i'm uploading. Oh, it hurts so hard for a million different reasons.

Ayo We Come From That Dirt, That Fucking Concrete, You Know What I’m Saying.

Ohh written in the stars, a million miles away a message to the main ohhh season come and go but i will never change and i'm on my way [verse 1] lets go !! It's written in the stars, oh eh, eh, yeah, yeah, eh, eh i need your forcefields i gotta keep it real to keep me from burning (burning oh) don't want to drift away floating in outer space there's no way i'm returning oh and our love is written in the stars (our love is) already written in the stars (oh) if i'm from venus you're from mars our. [chorus] what’s written in the stars tonight i feel i wanna hold you so much i can see letters in the stars align for you from me only can you see what’s on my mind?

Don't Tell Me You Don't Feel What I Feel Right Now.

Nothing can be altered, there is nothing to decide. Written in the stars a million miles away a message to the main ooooh seasons come and go but i will never change and i’m on my way is it the top of the mountain or the feeling you found it that really floods is it the perfect relationship or something in place of it that keeps its smooth going written in the stars written in the stars yeah Written in the stars lyrics:

Cause We Were Meant To Be Together It Was Written In The Stars Drinking Open Wine Too Early In The Day Smoking Cigarettes I Forgot To Throw Away I'm Looking Out The Window Thinking To Myself How Did I End Up Here With This Heartbreak Tale If You Could Hear Me Now The Song I Keep On Replay A Million Ways To Ask To Stay Cause We Were Meant To Be.

Is that all that we are good for. You said that you would stay and that you'd never leave i gave you all i had when i chose to believe love like magic casts a spell sometimes leaving scars i guess it's just as well not to know what's written in the stars. [tinie tempah:] yeah, i needed a change when we ate we never tipped 'cause we needed the change i needed a break for a sec i even gave up.

I Look Up To The Sky Trying To.

Am here to tell you we can never meet again simple really, isn't it, a word or two and then a lifetime of not knowing where or how or why or when you think of me or speak of me or wonder what befell the someone you once loved so long ago so well never wonder what i'll fee Sometimes in my darkest thoughts, i. I wish i'd never learned.

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