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Naruto X Fem Inuyasha Fanfic

Naruto X Fem Inuyasha Fanfic. Also those who are fans also of narutoxkyuubi fanfiction they can wrote. Kyuubi was never sealed in him, he died fighting naruto's father minato.

the terrors of naruko (a fem naruto fanfic) (discontinued) first test from www.wattpad.com

He was wears strange clothes. Naruto | rock lee tenten gaara temari reader | anime/manga humor sasuke sakura kakashi neji hinata shino kiba shikamaru choji x reader itachi. In this community will be only narutoxfemkyuubi love fanfiction, no hinata, no harem.

What Happens When She Finds Herself In The Anime About A Year After The Uchiha Massacre Around The Same Age As The Kids In Konoha 12.

He was wears strange clothes. Kitsune (naruto fanfic) by namikaze. Every awful edgy trope that writers make naruto go through is replaced by something wholesome/harmless.

Walking Home From School One Day, You See A Man Threatening A Child With A Gun.

Little that people know that he is a special anbu and the assassin under the codename kitsune. Where each year yielded the same result, it was insanity at this point to think today would be any different. Die inuyasha! came the voice of a female before an arrow whizzed by his head and lodged itself in inuyasha's shoulder.

Little Naru Didn't Know Where The Weird Floating Box Shape Came From And Can Honestly Say She Doesn't Give A S**T.

The two handle their lives as they come, finding the bliss each day offers, but when disaster strikes and their lives are changed forever, the duo finds comfort in each other, their new comrades, and the. 123, 2/28/2012, naruto u., kyuubi/kurama twitter. Inuyasha (sesshomaru love story) by jasmine valadez.

An Ostracized Boy With No Care For The Village Finds An Unlikely Companion In A Nationalistic Girl, Celebrated By The Same Village That He Feels Entrapped By.

119887 a collection of the best naruto x female uchiha stories, fem uchiha includes: Naruto, t, english, romance & angst, words: In this community will be only narutoxfemkyuubi love fanfiction, no hinata, no harem.

Heh, Finally A Way For Me To Become A Full Demon At Last! He Said With Triumph, Making Naruto Raise An Eyebrow In Silent Questioning.

This is a multi character inuyasha x fem reader, so it's not just our lovely puppy inuyasha! Read about the two of their adventures, and find out how they reshape the world. Inuyasha put kagome down and the others investigate the never seen shooting star that crashed before.

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