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Spencer Reid X Male Reader

Spencer Reid X Male Reader. Too compassionate ||| spencer reid x reader. I cough, a warm liquid coming with it.

Under Pressure (Spencer Reid x Reader) by LocaMikiMocha on DeviantArt from locamikimocha.deviantart.com

Legs, feet, good, arms, hands good, can't feel my fingers. “oh my god im on a horse”. Female reader x spencer reid.

Based On The Amazing Fic By Tobiashankel.

I grunt as the knife goes into my side, falling to the ground. —> —> —> —> —> it had always been an easy target for the bau team to playfully poke, spencer’s hair. It wasn’t long after that the trail went cold and she was presumed dead by her team.

Waiting For Superman (Spencer Reid X Reader) “Please Don’t Kill Me!

I do a limb count. Spencer reid x reader fluff; Spencer grumbles for a few minutes of course but after some more reassuring you hold the other side of the saddle again.

Spencer Reid X Male Reader;

She has built a fairly good rapport with the team, even though she is merely seen as a replacement to the deceased emily prentiss. Spencer sits perfect on the horse, stiffly, but perfectly! “oh my god im on a horse”.

Count Down (Semper Fi) Reid X Male!Reader.

Forever is the sweetest con: Livingston, proceeded to tell me that the book that i so desperately wanted, the book theif, was still not returned to the library. Skipping gym class in highschool, watching movies at the theatre and.

A Series Of Oneshots To Celebrate The Release Of Red (Taylor’s Version), This Time All About The Songs From The Vault.

Babe (spencer reid x reader) summary: You and spencer had been best friends since you were kids, spending all the time you could together. Hospitals spencer reid x male!reader.

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