Xbox One S Disc Drive Replacement

Xbox One S Disc Drive Replacement. I usually can reset the drive my unplugging the power and giving it 30 sec and restarting. Navigate and select all settings.

DVD Rom Disc Drive for XBOX ONE SLIM DG 6M5S ONE S Console Replacement
DVD Rom Disc Drive for XBOX ONE SLIM DG 6M5S ONE S Console Replacement from

The location of the hard drive is framed in red to properly locate the xbox one s repair. For the past year i have had disc drive issues where it will not read discs sometimes, i have had it destroy one of my game but cutting a groove in it. Follow this guide to replace the disc drive (also called the optical drive) on your xbox one x model 1787.

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They will drive dvds but this is a gaming console not a dvd player. But the some guy in the comments goes: Then remove the 3 ribbon cables from their sockets.

Follow General Electrostatic Discharge (Esd) Safety Procedures While Repairing The.

Are you a repair ninja? Lift it by the bottom corner and tilt it 180 °. It is an oem direct replacement for the xbox one s 1681 model so it fits directly into the xbox one s enclosure.

My Xbox Still Recognises That I've Put A Disc In But Wont.

The pcb on the xbox one needs to be swapped as well. ️xbox one s disc drive: They are matched to the motherboard.

Add Space For More Game Progress (Game Savers).

Hello to anyone that might be able to help me 🙂 i have a xbox one s about a year old. Step 3 remove the ribbon cables. Select the ssd as the destination disk to store all the data of your xbox one and click on “next”.

Nex You Will See The Internal And External Drive Here.

Keep moving along the rear of the xbox, prying up clips. The disc drive pcb (disc drive board) and the motherboard are paired or married in all xbox one s consoles, so the. Connect the prepared external hard drive to xbox one s and make sure it can be recognized.

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